Autumn News

A few more sunny days are left before autumn comes full force. This time of year has so many changes, but thank heavens one thing that does not change is the relationship we have with our pets (unless it means you are going to get busy and find that training class you’ve been looking for!).

Fall has it’s own set of allergy problems which are usually about the molds and mildews that occur from leaves falling and other vegetation composting. If your pet starts to display red, itchy or dry patches on their skin come on in and check out the line of products Tom carries for just such times.

Omega 3 and 6 fatty acids are extremely important for several reasons, one being it conditions your pets skin and fur. Healthy skin is much more resistant to irritation.

Fleas can be much more active in the hot days and cool nights of the fall. They know the weather is changing and it is time to get very serious about looking for a winter home. Healthy skin is less attractive to fleas. Fleas are going to pick on animals who have open rashes or irritation on their skin.

Most pets are not able to tolerate the “monthly chemical flea treatments” out on the market.

Green Cottage Pets approach to flea control is …

A healthy, holistic pet food, chosen by you and your pet because it contains quality ingredients, it is nutritionally balanced, cooked at low temperatures to retain it’s nutrition and preserved with tercopherols, vitamin C and rosemary.
Just as with us, our pets can benifit from vitamin, herb and supplements.
Plus Tom has hand picked shampoos and conditioners for your pets skin and coat care.

Questions? Come on in and see us. We are always happy to help.