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Why are BHT,BHA and Ethoxyquin bad?

BHT,BHA,and Ethoxyquin are chemical preservatives that are used in low-quality pet foods. Ethoxyquin is a pesticide and poison; BHT and BHA are antioxidant preservatives. They’re used to preserve poor fats and oils. These chemicals have been linked to depression of white blood cells and lower both the immune system and glucose absorption. BHT has been known to cause liver damage, metabolic stress, fetal abnormalities, and serum cholesterol increases. These preservatives are also used in human food and are approved by AFCO.

What is by-product?

By-product is the nonrendered material derived from slaughterhouse mammals. By-products can contain condemned and contaminated meats. It can include lungs, brains, blood, kidney, etc. When it specifies meat, you have no idea what source of meat it is. This means it can be road kill and even euthanized pets. When it specifies lamb, poultry or other, it will come from that specific animal. Take note that the euthanasia chemical does not break down in the cooking process.

What is Gluten?

Gluten is the by-product of a specific grain such as corn, wheat, etc. Gluten is high in sugar and not easily digested by cats or dogs.

Why are wheat and corn bad for pets?

Neither corn or wheat are part of a carnivore’s natural diet. They are high in carbs, which for cats is not digestible. They are also a cheap source of grain. These two grains are among the main causes of animal allergies.

Why would my veterinarian prescribe me a bad food?

Not all vets are nutritionists. This means the vet will take the company’s word for things. They don’t mean any harm, but just don’t know what they are recommending. We tell everyone to read the food labels, especially after what has happened with recent food recalls. Things you should not find in your pet’s food are by-products, corn, wheat, gluten, chemical preservatives, food coloring, animal fat or digest, mill run, beet pulp, brewers rice, and propylene glycol.