Holiday Safety Tips


Pet Safety

Safety is important year round but the holidays seem to give us a real opportunity to make a list and check it twice. Because of the changes in schedules, in diet, in where the furniture is placed and/or how many people are going in and out of your home, here is a list of things to keep your pet safer during the holidays.

  • Company is coming so make sure all coats, purses and bags are put up and secure that may contain medications, candy (chocolate and sugar-free candy containing xylitol are poisons to pets), food wrappers, tobacco or batteries. If your pet ingests glass, broken plastic, ribbon/tinsel, or any of the above call your emergency vet right away. In the meantime, you can give your pet supplemental fiber in the form of high fiber bread, a one-quarter cup to two-thirds cup canned pumpkin, or ask your vet for suggestions such as Metamusil for immediate treatment using 1 teaspoon for a small dog to 1 tablespoon for a larger dog.
  • Putting local emergency numbers on the fridge or in your phone in advance of the holidays will be one more step for safety. ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center 1-888-426-4435 or National Animal Poison Control Center 1-800-548-2423 or 1-900-680-0000
  • Place a “healthy treat” bowl out handy for your pet and let guests know, “Yes, my pet can have treats but only from this bowl!” Your guests will appreciate making your pet part of the festivities and your pet will stay healthier and happier for the holidays.
  • Newly placed cords and plugs can look like chew toys to pets. Cover with cord bundlers or tape down seasonal additions for added safety.
  • Holiday guests, parties and other events can be very stressful and even frightening to pets. Make sure that your pet has a safe place to retreat to.
  • Make sure your pets I.D. tags are current and in readable condition in case they escape out a door when visitor’s come and go.
  • Is your pet a “pant-er” when excited or stressed? Place extra drinking water handy around their favorite spots.
  • If you are going to have ‘pet-guests’ for the holidays, pre-arrange a neutral place for your pet and the pet -guests to be introduced such as down the street taking a walk, or at the local park. All the adults involved in the meeting need to be calm, project confidence in being in control. Bring treats and lots of praise. Be prepare to remove/redirect your animal if there is any chance for a fight. Do not leave newly introduced animals together indoors or in a yard unless supervised by at least one experienced adult owner.
  • Introduce natural stress relievers such as Rescue Remedy, a Bach flower essence you drop in their drinking water or Mellow Mut Chicken Strip treats that contain Chamomile, Clover, Lavender, Lemon Balm, Linden Flower and more.

More tips for pet care during the winter season…

  • Check out our selection of pet brushes… brushing your pet vigorously and regularly is important. The air in most houses becomes dry during the colder months, which depletes moisture from your pets skin and fur, nose, throats and upper respiratory. Brushing improves skin, coat and circulation. Plus, use fatty acid supplements, such as Grizzly Salmon Oil, Solid Golds Flax seed Oil, Wellness WellCoat or Nordic Naturals Cod Liver Oil to help your pets skin and coat stay healthy and comfortable year round. Use a humidifier to keep moisture in air.
  • Keep Rescue Remedy on hand for a variety of reasons… For relaxation and humidifying, for both you and your pet, place a few drops of Rescue Remedy & water in a small spray bottle and lightly spray your pet before you begin grooming. This gentle, natural stress reducing liquid can help people and animals recover from injury, fright, illness, travel fatigue and irritation. Put a few drops in their drinking water. If traveling, a common dosage is four drops in the mouth about ten hours before the trip and repeat every four hours as needed. Rubbing a few drops on their ears can work as well if you need an alternative way to dose. All is fair in love and in dosing your pets, right?

Cold weather tips…. consider how your pet tolerates the cold.

  • Small dogs breeds, puppies and older dogs can be more vulnerable to the cold temperatures. Consider some added warmth from our line of RC Coats. Velcro closings and reflective trim make them easy and safe. Carry their measurements in your pocket. 1- Measure from the base of their neck to the base of their tail. 2- Measure around their body right behind their front legs. 3- Measure across their chest for those breeds with deeper chests. You will be ready to find that perfect fit.
  • And to protect dry, sensitive paws, indoors and out, try coating them with a healing, protective ointment such as Happy Pets before taking your walk. Upon returning home from your walks, use a moisturizing wipe such as Earthbath Pet Wipes to clean any melting salts, antifreeze or other harmful chemicals that they could ingest when grooming themselves.

These have been successful steps, that other of our Green Cottage Pets customers have taken in the past, to have safe and happy times during the holiday season.
More to come…stay in touch!

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