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Non-Anesthetic Teeth Cleaning for Pets

The Pet Dental Company will be at Green Cottage Pets on Tuesday, February 21, for another day of non-anesthetic teeth cleaning for dogs and cats. $160 a session, approximately 20 minutes with a certified vet and dental vet technician. Call us at 253-851-8806 for an appointment.

Winter Tips for Pets

Winter is here, even if the calendar says it’s a few more days! Here are some tips to keep your pets comfortable during the cold weather. Make sure you have plenty of food and meds for your pets if the weather looks dicey. You don’t want to get caught low on munchies if you get […]

Keep Your Pets Safe on Halloween

Halloween can be lots of fun for families, with costumes, parties, trick-or-treat, and lots of sweets. But the same things that make Halloween so fun for humans can be scary or downright dangerous for pets. The most important thing you can do for your furry friends is to keep them inside both on and near […]