About Us

Tom Moodie, owner of Green Cottage Pets, has been part of the food industry for over thirty years–as a chef, a restaurant manager, and as a restaurant owner.

As a concerned owner of senior pets, Tom started researching his own pets’ food and came to discover the vast differences in the pet foods available on the market today. So began his search to find foods for his pets that were of the highest quality.

Ingredients: What Tom did not want in his food choices were wheat and corn, which can lead to allergies, and by choosing this he keeps the foods free of any genetically engineered ingredients so often used in inferior products. The foods also needed to be gluten-free, steroid-free and hormone-free, plus contain no by-products, added sugars, salt, or chemical preservatives such as BHA, BHT, or ethoxyquin.

Ingredients: What Tom did want in his food choices were muscle meats, poultry, (free-range when possible), fresh, wild-caught cold water fish, and for all foods to be made with whole grains, dairy, fruits, and vegetables. The foods were to be high in omega 3 & 6 fatty acids for healthy skin, contain pre- and probiotics for easy absorption of nutrients, and be preserved with tocopherals (which is a derivative of vitamin e, vitamin c, and rosemary).

Green Cottage Pets is the direct result of his search. Tom first opened in Gig Harbor, Washington in July of 2002.