Kidney Issues


Common Kidney Issues

  • Deterioration of kidneys is a common problem of old age for both dogs and cats.
  • It is the second leading cause of death in cats (after feline leukemia and not counting accidents).
  • Anything in the food or in the environment which is not usable by the body must be eliminated. This is the function of the kidneys. It is important to choose healthy foods, from the very beginning, that are free from food preservatives, coloring agents, and the like.
  • Skin irritations and eruptions often precede eventual kidney failure in old age.
  • This process is accelerated if the skin discharge is repeatedly suppressed with corticosteroids. If you find your pet caught in a cycle of constant skin issues and treatments it is time to take another look at their food and environment.

Lets take a moment to say here, if you have ever wanted to share with others why you buy healthy food for your pets, or have been asked why you buy healthy foods for your pets, this is why!

Tom chooses only those foods which have proven themselves to be top quality, wholesome foods, free of fillers, wastes, by-products, chemical preservatives and other body-taxing ingredient.

Once a kidney issue appears, the strategy is to avoid further deterioration, if possible, and to assist the function of what is left. Working with a veterinarian aware of your pet’s chronic condition to attain the clinical examinations and therapy is an important step.

The main dietary goal is to reduce the load of metabolic wastes on the kidneys; this waste results from excess protein, phosphorus and sodium. Since most of the waste results from protein, you must feed a minimal level of protein of maximally usable quality.

In addition to a diet of high quality ingredient there are also recommended daily nutritional supplements and herb supplements that are successful at helping support and or strengthens the various systems in our pets bodies. We carry a wonderful line of herbs called Azmira.

Azmira was founded in 1982 by natural pet pioneer Lisa S. Newman (Doctor of Naturopathy with a PhD. in Nutrition), and provides various formulas for specific challenges with kidneys, allergies and more. Sound interesting? Next time you are in ask for more information.

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